Architalx 2020 lecture series Q&A

Architalx Board of Trustees

Updated June 22, 2020

Q: Can we expect Architalx lectures or events in 2020?

A: The board has decided to not hold any events in 2020, due to unknown social distancing regulations and venue restrictions that may exist in the fall. We are now focused on producing the 2021 lecture series.

Q: Were online lectures considered for the 2020 season?

A: Yes. Our decision to not pursue online lectures is based on the idea that the Architalx experience is more than just a presentation. Architalx is built around the in-person lecture, the post-lecture Q&A session, and social gatherings before and after the lecture. We felt that very quickly upending this entire framework and moving it into a digital realm produce an experience that wouldn’t hold up to the level of professionalism that our attendees expect from Architalx.

Q: Were 2020 donations used for expenses?

A: Yes. Our need to suspend the series came only 2 weeks before our first lecture, so nearly everything required for an Architalx season had been completed and paid for. The design and printing of our promotional materials—posters, postcards, and programs had been done. The postcards were designed, printed and mailed. Monthly operational expenses such as web hosting and maintenance, accounting services, storage, and online service subscription fees are ongoing. We did not have venue or lecturer expenses, but we also did not collect ticket revenue.

Q: What have you been working on since the cancelation of the 2020 season?

A: The board works year-round to produce each lecture series. This year’s season was suspended just before the lectures began. Typically, we would spend April hosting the lectures and speakers and May analyzing how we could do even better next time. Instead, we spent our time analyzing the situation and making decisions about moving forward. For now, we’ve resumed our normal schedule, and are working to bring you the 2021 lecture series.

Q: Will the lecturers scheduled for 2020 present in 2021?

A: We were incredibly excited about our 2020 line-up of Matthew Lister, Gina Ford, Brie Hensold, Julie Eizenberg, and Pat Hanson. All of these lecturers are invited to speak at next year’s series, and their appearance will depend on their availability. We hope that all of these lecturers will be able to join us.

Q: Will 2020 sponsor benefits carry over to the 2021 season?

A: Yes. Lecture tickets and sponsors/speakers dinner invitations meant for the 2020 season will be honored during the Architalx 2021 lecture series. Perks from 2020 will not be added onto 2021 sponsorship packages, but will be based on the higher level of sponsorship from either year.


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