Paul Endres
Endres Studio
Emeryville, CA
Talk Title
Lightness Is In The Details
Thursday, April 05, 2012

Paul Endres is an architect and structural engineer, and principal of an integrated design firm in the San Francisco Bay Area. Known for his expressive details, Paul focuses on delivering uses of materials and connections for municipal and residential clients. He has contributed more than 1,000 buildings throughout his career. At the core of his work is a professional and academic impulse to diminish the borders that divide architecture from the allied disciplines.

Paul’s work has been linked to major technical and material advancements in structure and architecture. His entry to the Pittsburgh Pedestrian Bridge Competition features two unprecedented advancements in bridge design and was selected as a winner amidst a pool of world-class architects and engineers. Paul is also a Professor of Architecture at IIT, where he lectures on the interrelatedness of structure and space. He presents on the best practices of integrated design philosophy and recently spoke at the AIA National Convention in a lecture titled “Integrated Practice – Sharing Experience Early in Process.” He has been nominated for Fellowship to the AIA and has earned over forty awards in both architecture and engineering. For his academic teachings, he was honored with the ACSA Creative Achievement Award for the 2012 year.